Information on Multifactor Authentication Setup

Dear User, 

To increase the security of your data, you will have to complete the mulitfactor authentication (MFA) setup and add a second factor to your new account.

This procedure is compulsory and must be done only by yourself

Please follow the below instructions. 

In case you may face an issue, please get in touch with

We thank you very much for your comprehension. 

FIFA’s archive team 


 Steps to complete your multifactor authentication setup

  1. Log in using FIFA Single Sign On option

  2. After you've entered your e-mail, a code will be sent to you. Enter it and hit Sign in

    Hint: in some cases you are asked for your Microsoft account password instead – in case your e-mail is already connected with Microsoft. Other options can be: a text message will be sent to your mobile phone or you authenticate using a third-party authenticator app like Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator.

  3. Accept the Permissions request

  4. Click Continue on the trust question

  5. Great. Your user now has access to Second part, secure your user account with a second factor. Click the START button.

  6. PingID is the multifactor authentication (MFA) solution provider used. It is recommended to use your mobile phone and pair it using the PingID app. Obviously, you can also use any other authentication method offered below. PingID app can be downloaded for iOS and Android. Pair your phone now by scanning the QR code with your PingID app.

    For more detailed info on the PingID setup you can open this PDF
  7.  Authentication is in progress...

  8. Congratulations! You've finished your multifactor authentication setup. You are all set now.